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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  July 25, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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make sure you tune in tonight. i'll be there starting at 9 p.m. eastern. we have our special coverage of day one of the dnc. maria's kicking it off at six followed by lou at seven, and i will be there at 9 p.m. eastern. lou's going to join me along with some other fbn all-stars. it's a big night. we've got all the analysis. liz claman, back to you. liz: our viewers backed the right horse, we love it. great news for all of us. will it be a call to disorder? you're looking live inside the wells fargo arena where in less than 60 minutes, we know one thing that will not happen. dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz is now in the aftermath of saying she will not enter what has now become a semi-hostile convention to officially gavel it to order. she won't be there. she has backed out after the leak of dnc e-mail scandal appeared to show that she gave advantage to hillary clinton over senator bernie sanders. just hours ago wasserman schultz got a taste of what she might have faced tonight if she did
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gavel. listen. >> [inaudible] we know that that's not the florida that we know. liz: yes, she was heckled and booed at a philly breakfast this morning after being forced to resign over the e-mail scandal, a scandal many stay is giving to -- say is giving opponents more evidence that the democratic primary was rigged for hillary clinton. clinton for her part ignoring the scandal at this hour, appealing to veterans in the key battleground state of north carolina, slamming donald trump's foreign policy positions. trump could respond at any moment. we're watching the twitter feeds, we're watching the news feeds. the republican presidential nominee is set to hold a town hall meeting with his running mate, indiana governor mike pence, in virginia. trump hoping to hold onto momentum following last week's rnc convention. we have cameras all over the city of brotherly love. philly in the dnc spotlight, and our political panel is standing by live. we've got reporters on the floor
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at the protests, as you see that's a live picture, and covering both sides of the aisle. on wall street markets selling off ahead of a busy week of earnings. a pullback in oil and the federal reserve meeting that begins tomorrow. dow jones industrials down about 101 points. it's kind of been there most of the day as one of the street's biggest bulls pulls in his horns. we're less than an hour to the closing bell. glad you're with us again. let's start the "countdown." ♪ ♪ liz: and that sitting bull, that would be tony dwyer. for the first time in ages, telling investors to back off. he's getting in the chair with us. he will be live. but in the meantime, check this. at 12:06 eastern i got this from colin gillis, one of the most respected tech analysts where he downgraded apple to a sell. that has dragged down the markets. you can see the dow is down 103 points at the moment, the s&p is also flailing, and apple is
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lower by one and two-thirds perform when report came out from colin gillis, the stock itself was down about half a percent. gillis says the company's faltering as it searches for new businesses that can provide recurring revenue. he's not thrilled about the next iphone upgrade, and here was kind of the big denouement. he says our opinion, quote, is that apple has peaked under the leadership of ceo tim cook. when we ask ourselves do we see apple gaining or losing its next $100 billion of value, the answer is losing. so take that. we'll see. you have apple pulling back a bit, but we do have a winner, finally. verizon communications is it. verizon will buy yahoo!'s core internet properties for $4.8 billion. but can you hear her now, maries saw meyers says she's not going anywhere. she plans to stay at yahoo!. shares of verizon down half a percent, shares of yahoo! down 2%. we'll be watching this story and talking much more about whether
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verizon really did get a good deal and what happens next for what's left of yahoo!. and it appears that equities oil link is back in action. our markets are falling in part because of this, crude hitting a three-month low. we have oil putting a lot of pressure on the u.s. markets. crude oil is down 2.5% right now. it is just nine pennies above $43 a barrel level. so if it goes below that, look out below. the energy sector's already the worst performing sector of the day, names like bp and chevron, chesapeake, schlumberger, they are all moving lower. but it's chevron and exxonmobil that are the real drags on the dow right now. so as we see that, i was just saying yesterday -- or monday that we did not see that equities, oil connection? today we do. to politics, chaos and division ensuing in philadelphia where now in just 56 minutes from now the democratic convention is officially set to get underway just as hillary clinton announced her vice presidential pick weekend, virginia senator tim kaine.
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another e-mail bombshell engulfed the clinton campaign and the dnc. chair debbie wasserman schultz implicated in the leaked wikileaks dnc e-mails which revealed secret plans to take on bernie sanders in his campaign which was scrappy but, you know, gaining a lot of momentum. actively undermining the former clinton rival. you might have seen some of these leaked e-mails over the weekend. here's one of them. democratic officials plotting to expose bernie sanders as a, quote, atheist? you know, using his religious beliefs against him. does he believe in god? he skated on saying he has a jewish heritage, maybe we push him on that. but take a look at this one with wasserman out, even the new interim dnc chair, donna brazile, is implicated. this one here involves the washington post wanting to chat with brazile regarding the fight between sanders' camp and the dnc to which she replied, quote, i will cuss out the sanders camp.
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why is that problem problematicn though it was a while agoing? because donna brazile is taking over at least for the moment from debbie wasserman schultz. lots of drama unfolding right now, folks, and it is changing minute by minute. team fox business coverage, peter barnes on the floor of the wells fargo arena, connell mcshane with the trump campaign's reaction to the drama, jeff flock is with angry bernie sanders supporters who have taken to the streets in protest, and lori rothman is on the floor of the new york stock exchange. but first, this news: wikileaks founder -- this is just now developing here -- says he's just getting started. after spilling that first tranche of 20,000 e-mails over the weekend, he says he's planning to release even more e-mails, this time in direct relation to hillary clinton's e-mail server. this as bernie sanders just wrapped up his walk-through moments ago in the wells fargo arena. here is video of that. you can see the same as last week with donald trump.
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the floor director walked the candidates through, they can see where the lecterns are. he's no longer a candidate, obviously. he is now a hillary clinton sporter. but you have them walking through. he stands, he sees where the teleprompter's going to be, where the crowds are, which different areas he should be looking at. this evening's speech he will talk about this, maybe. the vermont senator is still expected to speak amid drama over the leaked dnc e-mails. fox business senior washington correspondent peter barnes, you get the long straw on the floor of the wells fargo arena, because this is going to be absolutely, i guess, throat-grabbing. people will want to know if he brings this up. >> reporter: well, we do know for sure that he is going to give hillary clinton a strong endorsement, liz. he's going to talk about how she came around to some of his positions, and the party came around to some of his positions in its platform, and as a result, he will stand up here tonight, and he will do what ted cruz did not do for donald trump
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in cleveland last week which is to give hillary clinton his full endorsement because as he said all along, i do not want trump, and he doesn't want his 10-20% of supporters in polls say may vote for trump since he's not the candidate to vote for trump. so he's going to endorse hillary clinton strongly tonight. also the other speakers tonight, michelle obama, the first lady, elizabeth warren, senator from massachusetts, progressive as well as cory booker, the senator from new jersey who was considered a possible vp pick for hillary clinton. and we're going to hear them talk about her credentials and how she fights for others, her experience and her record, all trying to help her overcome this big problem of trust. that is the number one issue, problem that she has with voters according to polls. liz? liz: well, nothing like a wild -- [laughter] and crazy start to all of this. peter, you've got that front row
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seat. in fact, you're standing there on the floor. we will get back to peter throughout the entire evening, so stay tuned for that. while the democrats get is set to kick off, donald trump is basking in the afterglow of becoming the republican party nominee. this is roanoke, virginia, where donald trump and his running mate, indiana governor mike pence, are about to hold a town hall meeting. and when that happens, we will check in with that. but as you see, this empty stage for the moment, people awaiting this speech and this town hall, there's a new national poll that shows donald trump with a post-convention bump among voters, putting him in the lead over hillary clinton 48% to her 45%. so you have this widening schism between the democrats, so does donald trump have a wider lane to victory now? connell mcshane standing by with trump's reaction to the latest scandal. the democrats thought that last week when ted cruz was causing hay hem on the floor in cleveland. -- mayhem on the
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floor in cleveland. >> reporter: this was supposed to be the boring week, liz, you're right. [laughter] anything but, no doubt about that. this e-mail scandal is right up donald trump's alley as we knew it would be, and if he does have a wider lane to victory, as you phrased it, he's going to try to drive right through that lane this week. very busy schedule for mr. trump. roanoke, virginia, the live pictures with that town hall alongside his running mate, mike pence, about to begin. but that's only the start of it. it continues this evening in north carolina with a rally in rah league, north carolina, and then there's a stop in ohio, in florida, even one in this state, pennsylvania. so there's your lane. that is your lane to victory if you're donald trump. those states i just mentioned are all, of course, supposed to be hotly contested in the fall election. if you look at florida, certainly pennsylvania and ohio, they really, really stand out. he's stopping at all three. as for the e-mail scandal, trump on twitter today, boy, he's been quite active on twitter. i just have time to pick out two
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of the many examples today. one does point us to that state of florida with trump tweeting earlier: the state of florida is so embarrassed by the antics of crooked hillary clinton and debbie wasserman schultz. of course, schultz from florida, they will vote for change -- they being the floridians. he also referred to those poll numbers that you were talking about with donald trump tweeting: great poll numbers are coming out all over. people don't want to see another four years of obama and crooked hillary would be even worse. that hashtag, it took me a second to figure out, maga, that's make america great again. but in another set of tweets he said he thought bernie sanders looks to him to be exhausted and done. he's kind of low energy in trump speak, talking about sanders saying his legacy won't be the same if he stays that way, so he's basically daring bernie sanders to come out tonight and withdraw that enforcement, but as peter barnes just reported, just about nobody expects that to happen. it'll be interesting to watch not only mr. sanders tonight, but mr. trump here in a few minutes.
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back to you in new york. liz: connell, thank you. let us know when he takes the stage. and, again, people were saying a year ago bernie sanders looked tired. he's not tired. we shall see what happens tonight. i do want to tell you guys that this news flow has been moment by moment changing, so stay with me this entire hour because we are watching every single detail that comes out of the news feed on all of this. and in the meantime, wall street, the buzz is all about central banks who are meeting all over the world. here in the u.s. traders are on pins and needles waiting for any kind of insight on when the fed move might be to raise interest rates. i believe that we have for december a 56% chance that we might see an interest rate hike, but right now the markets are down 112 points. i'm going to call this that relation to energy which is the biggest drag on the dow, the nasdaq and the s&p. let me take you to the new york stock exchange, because lori has her here to the floor. you've been talking to traders, am i wrong, am i right? i don't know, i think it's oil looking bad and dragging down equities. >> yes.
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i heard from peter tuchman the market's just tired. small cap index, stocks that aren't necessarily as exposed to the cold, cruel rest of the world as some of the broader market indexes, and it's reversed x that's very telling. so, obviously, with the dow and s&p closing at record highs last friday, coming in a little bit. we have huge central banking news, the fed comes out with its decision on wednesday, you mentioned the be fed funds futures, and the bank of japan once again meets. as you know, last time around they did not pull trigger on that helicopter money, that stimulus. so we'll see if bank of japan does that this time around. in the meantime, we have something like 190 s&p 500 companies reporting earnings. solid tech last week, so so this week we've got apple, facebook, alphabet reporting, and those stocks are kind of all over the place. apple's way down today, but there are high hopes, especially considering where we've come from so far in this two few reporting season.
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i'm going out of order, don't kill me. i want to show you sprint. this is the rock star of the session today. pretty decent earnings, slightly better than expected earnings on heavy discounts. the number four wireless carrier, you can see shares soaring up 27%. so we're just off the worst levels of the session, and i'll send it back to you on that. liz: listen, sprint did a doorbuster x they had much better than expected numbers. and apple, i'm going to tell you guys again, it was this bgc report from colin gillis that came out at 12:06 eastern, ask i looked -- i looked at it, and, whoa, that's it. he says apple is now a sell, at least for him. closing bell, we're about 46 minutes away from that, and driving the dow 30 lower, we already mentioned apple, but goldman sachs, procter & gamble aren't helping. exxonmobil, we've talked about that. oil is not a great trade today. but ge, after a pretty decent earnings report last week, is one of the laggards at $31 and change.
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and are you checking your poke deck? have you captured the rarest creatures in pokemon go? the app is still all the rage around the globe, but investors may be coming to a complete poke stop. that story ahead. and yahoo! with perhaps a new calling. the fading internet giant once worth $125 billion just sold its core assets for $4.8 billion. yeah, marissa mayer was at the helm of that deal. did she get the most for her and shareholders' money? verizon now ready to take on google and facebook with this new purchase. that's next. and we will take you back out live to the city of brotherly love and the democratic national convention as it gets underway at the top of the hour. we'll take you to the protests too, because a lot is happening on that front. we've got a reporter in the thick of it. "countdown"'s coming right back. i need you to stay with me, i'll see you in a minute.
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♪olympics 2016, let me get you on my level. ♪ so you never miss a moment, ♪ ♪miss a minute, miss a medal. ♪ ♪ why settle when you can have it all? ♪ ♪soccer to wrestling. track and field to basketball. ♪ fencing to cycling. diving to balance beam. ♪ ♪all you have to sa♪ ♪ is, "show me," and boom it's on the screen♪ ♪ from the bottom of the mat, ♪ ♪ to the couch where you at? ♪ ♪ show me the latest medal count♪ ♪xfinity's where it's at. ♪ welcome to it all. comcast nbcuniversal is proud to bring you coverage of the rio olympic games. liz: tesla's to ceo elon musk's vision for clean energy is making progress here. according to people familiar with the matter, the electric car maker is close to locking in terms on its $2.8 billion merger with solar city. both these stocks are jumping right now. look at solar city, up 3.5%.
3:20 pm
you've got tesla jumping nearly 4%. musk wants this deal to really happen because what it would do, it would form this sort of one-stop shop for clean energy, his cars plus, of course, the solar panel company that installs, all that and more. a little bit of optimism for this idea. it's the end of an era for yahoo!. what an era, right? the silicon valley pioneer will cease to exist after two decades as verizon buys the company for $4.8 billion. joining us now is a guy who worked there, peter goranstein. he's mow the chief content -- now the chief content officer at -- [inaudible] how many shares do you own, ken? >> oh, very minimal. we decreased pretty significantly because this was a foregone conclusion this deal was going to happen. liz: what do you think of the deal? >> i think it's a great deal. verizon can monetize assets. ad share went down from 25% in 2005 to less than 2.5% recently, so they can onboard that. think about timler?
3:21 pm
they -- tumbler, they use facebook's app now. they're going to jump over microsoft, and they should be the triumphant when it comes to digital media spent. liz: peter, let's face it, verizon wants to be apple. it wants phones, it wants content, it wants its own siri. does this acquisition do that for verizon? >> i think for verizon it gives the company scale, that's what they're looking for. marissa came in there, they have the a decent mobile business. it's still far behind facebook and google and snapchat. it's not an exciting move. i i mean, we're all talking about it because we all, you know, have used yahoo!, we know yahoo! so well, but it's a scale play, and it's not really anything innovative. but, you know, more $5 billion they get scale. liz: look, the skeletal structure of yahoo! which was search and content, so that's gone. that goes to verizon. what's left is the skin and maybe a little softness and some
3:22 pm
excitement, i guess you could say, because it's got the alibaba, what, $38 billion, $32 billion? it's really been an incredible investment. the jerry yang, one of founders made, they said let's put a billion into this thing called alibaba many years ago when it wasn't what it was. that seemed to have been a really great move, but what happens to that? >> so what happens to that is, actually, you'll get yahoo! japan, you'll get alibaba, the stub. it's going to become a 1940 act registered investment vehicle, so it's going to have some cash there, some non-core patents. getting back to a point earlier, verizon should be able to monetize a lot of these assets too because look at yahoo! right now. they're only getting 10% of users are coming back on a daily basis as opposed to facebook which has 65% of people. they can start increasing that. so as they start getting to
3:23 pm
that, i think verizon will really play well -- liz: okay. peter, you worked for her. you worked for. martha: race saw meyer. you've got to tell me if she's on planet x somewhere thinking she's going to be invited to stick around, because she may want to tick around, although i don't believe that because she's got a $200 million buyout to. tim armstrong, who runs aol and is now at verizon, i don't think he's going to step aside for somebody like her. >> no. i think tim armstrong's been obsessed with yahoo! for a very long time and hawanted this acquisition even before aol bought verizon. so now that he's done it, i think it's his dream scenario, and he's going to have total control. i don't think mari is ssa's going to stay around for long. i wasn't in meetings with her or anything like that, but i don't see her wanting a second, you know, a number two role here or wanting to be in this business. so i think it's a pr hinge at point to say i'm going to stay on. we'll see how it shakes out.
3:24 pm
>> on that point, i think it's important to note that if she was going to stay on, she'd actually -- they would have announced it. this deal's been worked on for months on end. they were the clear, they were the clear bidder, verizon was, so they would have brought her on. they would have announced it's exciting to have her -- liz: but, guys, there is nothing exciting, in fact, it's totally depressing to think that in 2000 this company was worth $125 billion. peter, you worked -- >> well, i mean, that, that's technology. liz: i get it, but you work in this industry. is this a lesson that just as soon as you've got it, it goes off if you're not careful and you miss signals of what's hot like mobile? >> yeah, of course it is. you were mentioning earlier about colin gillis downgrading apple. if he's saying apple is a sell, i mean, anything could be a sell. to your point earlier, yes, jerry yang made a huge mistake not taking the microsoft bid in 2008 for $45 billion.
3:25 pm
his saving grace is he invested in alibaba x that's kind of been a wash, i guess. yeah, it was the worst decision ever not to take that deal. liz: yeah. okay. last question, you buy verizon on this? >> yes, i would buy verizon and i think, actually, some of the appreciation in the shares that have happened is because they did think this deal was going to happen. liz: well, they're on the move, and they're trying to do a lot of new things, and a lot of people use verizon. >> and they've got a great management. liz: peter, recon capital chief investment officer, keith kelly, great to have you -- kevin kelly, rather, i'm sorry. closing bell in 35 minutes. the pokemon go craze still a global force. that's not in dispute. the asset is more popular than instagram and snapchat within two weeks of launching in hong kong today out there, but investors are taking a poke stop on nintendo stock. as we've told you, we warned everybody. nintendo doesn't wholly own pokemon go.
3:26 pm
the company said friday that the impact on its bottom line will be, quote, limited. but the stock mr. presidented. -- plummeted. why? nintendo only owns an estimated 13% of the actual pokemon go app. nintendo had b down another 11%. friday it fell 8-9%, so still a long way to go to scratch back great gapes over the -- gains over the past week and a half. bernie sanders supporters still not onboard with hillary clinton. jeff flock is with a protest in the city of brotherly love. >> reporter: oh, boy, liz, i'll tell you, if hillary clinton wants these guys, she's got a lot of work to do. we'll be back with 'em live. what a protest. stay tuned. ♪ ♪
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>> we won't vote for hillary.
3:31 pm
hell no, dnc we won't vote for hillary! hell, no, dnc, we won't vote for hillary! liz: no, that is a party. that is sound of angry democrats protesting their party's nominee. major show of support for bernie sanders and on other side indictment of what they appear to believe was a rigged nominating process. these protests coming on first day, first day, hasn't even started yet. we're 29 minutes away from the gavel. democratic national convention in philadelphia. the heat index is 109 degrees. you know that they are very focused on getting their voices heard. debbie wasserman schultz, the head of the democratic national committee, is in the cross-hairs right now. jeff flock standing by in philadelphia, in the thick of protests. they're furious with debbie wasserman schultz, right? reporter: tell you, these are people that bernie sanders brought into the democratic party, brought into the primary. maybe we give you a bird's-eye
3:32 pm
view. this is much larger protest than we saw at anytime during the republican convention in cleveland. these people, i'll tell you, if you think there is never trump movement out there which there is, you haven't seen the negative hillary movement. these are people say never hillary. they will sooner vote for third party candidate than hillry. they still have hope somehow bernie sanders could mount third party run of his own or somehow at convention this will be everyturned. that is unlikely but these people are not giving up. they are bernie or busters. listen. [shouting] goldman sachs. liz: turn around, bernie is behind you. reporter: he is right there. i don't know if he is behind these guys. that is the question. when he makes the speech tonight, will this be something that will turn some people around in this crowd.
3:33 pm
i hear to tell you, there are a number of them no, whatever he says tonight will be not enough to turn them around. reminiscent to me of the '68 convention in chicago where a significant part of the democratic party ultimately decided to sit it out rather than get into that election and support the democratic candidate, even though their views probably match the democratic candidates much more than republicans. that resulted as you know in the election of richard nixon in 1968. could something like that happen again? i don't know. these people seem committed to be never hillary. these people could have been the pat petition. they say they're -- not. i don't know what happens in november when you get behind an election booth and look at trump and hillary. these are clearly never trump percent. these are not people that have that as alternative. look how big. by the way, if that looked like
3:34 pm
reasonably large marijuana cigarette, as i said, they're not trump percent. liz: takes all kinds, doesn't it? jeff, amazing thing that bernie sanders still hold as lot of power. tonight we will see how he wields that power, when he takes to the stage when he gives the speech. jeff flock and his crew, i want to give props to the camera crew. it is oiling out there, folks. doing everything we can to bring you the story. closing bell rings in 26 minutes. losses down 92 at the moment to 18,478. with red on the screen, dnc chair resigns before the convention is even gaveled in. debbie wasserman schultz caught up in another email scandal that made her look like she was favoring hillary. our political panel up next on the latest controversy, how it fans flame of so-called rigged system. we'll take you back out to
3:35 pm
philadelphia. again, 26 minutes before the festivities begin. and we have to say this. thank you for making fox business the number one business network in america! we beat cnbc in total day and prime time viewership last week, every single day last week of the rnc convention. we cover a lot of business news too. we were on every market move. please keep it here. we'll do it again and again and again. thank you for being backing our horse. "countdown" coming right back.
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liz: breaking news. donald trump is stumping. you're looking live pictures of roanoke, virginia where the gop nominee and his running mate,
3:40 pm
indiana governor mike pence are holding a town hall meeting. trump is touting recent success in several polls. can we listen for a little bit. talking about hillary clinton taking naps. >> it is hot. i wish the fire marshall, where is the fire marshall? where is he? come on, fire marshall. if they could get in fire marshall. you have doors that go to the outside. i promise nothing like you don't have a problem. i feel badly. we have those people, people are standing outside. liz: talking about how hot it is there. guess what, it is really not in philadelphia on many different levels. with just about 20 minutes to go the democrats are in disarray. hillary clinton not exactly headed for the city of brotherly love in any way, shape or form because of this email situation where there was a cyber intrusion that released 20,000 emails that were supposed to be private from the national democratic convention.
3:41 pm
richard goodstein and tammy bruce. richard, you're on the scene, not exactly upbeat, rah-rah, funny hats, start that is to happen in 19 minutes. what are you hearing in philadelphia, what bernie is going to do, what everybody is going to say? >> right. so i will tell you, liz, i seen a lost bernie people and wearing shirts and hats and buttons. on my way down here i took subway. the ones i talked to older, no way a bunch of bernie sanders their age are going to support donald trump. the younger people, they say are going to maybe support jill stein. i heard jeff flock's report. i agree with him, these are not trump people. i think trump campaign is kidding itself if they think any number of sanders supporters will be drawn to them. but i disagree, this is not 1968. these are people, that was over the war. there were things happening in the streets. there is nothing like that going
3:42 pm
on in philadelphia right now. liz: tammy, he has given us that assessment. i think he is very, very right on one point. you don't have a huge number of bernie sanders fans see exact similarities, i believe this, oh, does donald trump. maybe on trade, couple other things, regarding blue-collar sentiments. what happens with the group of people? we have protests going on streets of philadelphia. >> mr. trump talks about whole system being rigged. this is dynamic against the system itself that will ring true with a number of people as crossings over punishment of some sort or reaching out to one person who has a chance that recognizes that the system is rigged. they might make a little bit of a difference. it doesn't matter. they do well if they stay home. everyone thats recognizes the system rigged rigged in this re.
3:43 pm
julian assange dropped all wikileaks emails said a little bit ago there is another gigantic batch but regarding hillary's server. this is not going to end. it will keep moving through the process. liz: i told you guys there was breaking news minute by minute. debbie wasserman schultz we already told you, you know this, richard, is not going to gavel in the event tonight. >> right. liz: however, it is believed that it will be baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake, who is democrat. that is the word, that mayor of baltimore will be gaveling the in the dnc convention. what do you think about that richard? this has been a controversial city. >> i don't think voters, look, after this week it will be clear in eyes of democrats, for better or worse they believe donald trump is racist, a bigot, xenophobe, et cetera, a misogynist as marco rubio said, a con artist.
3:44 pm
the fact that stephanie rawlings-blake is gaveling the convention won't matter. the big news out of the leak business, russians are putting their weight behind donald trump. imagine if fidel castro came out with basically betting on trying to facilitate the election of a democrat, all hell would break loose. liz: that hasn't been proven. >> we're not even saying that trump was responsible. we're saying that all evidence points to russia behind this. and russia, look, it stands to reason that putin would be rooting for trump baeverything . no one disagrees with that. >> more after reason for him to be rooting against hillary and against obama because the problems that have emerged in these last seven years to say the least. this is what is interesting about hillary is doing with the convention and with rawlings-blake. she is still trying to win her own base. this is not a reach out to the independents who we have just seen after the convention. now donald trump is leading by double digits. we've seen that shift of the independents. she is not reaching out to independents with this lineup.
3:45 pm
it is a fascinating situation, reaching out still to people of color and to women. liz: richard, why doesn't she call a hastily called meeting right now, invite every bernie sanders protester who is there? what do i know about politics? all i know i watched the movie, "wag the dog," that told me a lot. she has to talk to them and get them on her side, make her feel good about her than never trump vote. >> guess who will talk to ben bernanke supporters? bernie sanders. elizabeth warren, barack obama. the fact after hearing all the people they respect and they come away saying you know what i'm too pure to vote for hillary clinton. i don't know that hillary meeting with them personally would do the job but fact of mat matter -- >> that's a problem. >> it is not a problem. harvard law school and devoted his career to helping people who weredown trodden. that's what they want.
3:46 pm
liz: that was unrealistic. tim kaine has done a pro bono work. >> he is a great guy. >> it will not happen, virginia. liz: t-minus 15 minutes. we took a live picture of the wells fargo arena. people are filling in. richard goodstein gets to be there. he is democratic strategist. tammy bruce, conservative radio. our camera crews walking through these crowds. it is starting to get a little bit busier as you can see but it has got to pent up momentum superimposed over the drama that happened over the weekend with email tranche that made it look like it was rigged. that hillary clinton was pushed in front and that bernie sanders was held back. he will still be speaking to night. keep it right here on fox business, for all your dnc coverage. same schedule as last week. fair and balancessed. maria 6:00 p.m. lou dobbs 7:00. "cavuto: coast to coast"
3:47 pm
9:00 p.m. the dow down6 points. -- 86 points. ♪
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liz: you know what? way back in 2009, very interesting moment that happened and what happened back then was libyan strong man muammar qaddafi, he wanted to rent a manhattan townhouse because he was coming to speak to the united nations for the first time since the ban was lifted against him. and his people called my next guest, who was a broker with douglas elliman realty. gadhafi's representatives lied and said they were with, quote the dutch delegation and would jason rent them a place? haber saw right through it. joining us live from philadelphia. jason is with warburg and author of, the business of good. he told gadhafi to get lost.
3:52 pm
he joins us from the convention. take us back a moment to 2009. >> sure. liz: you had an empty 13,000 square foot townhouse you were dying to rent. very expensive. >> yes. liz: you needed to get it occupied, boom the phone rings. what happens next? >> well i was first told that the libyan post need ad townhouse for their delegation for four days during the u.n. opening session of the general assembly. quickly became apparent that the townhouse was for none other than than muammar qaddafi. i wasn't going to have any of it, is are. immediately once they told me who it was for, listen you can have the townhouse for free. tell you what, i will wave my fee. have it for nothing. they were very excited, what they have to do. send him back to scotland. he had been released where he served 11 days for every person murdered in terrorist attack. liz: 11 days. 270 people killed and he got hero's welcome.
3:53 pm
we're showing video when al-megrahi was released. he was brought back from scotland in gadhafi's private jet. >> that's right. liz: you recognized accent. you were international relations student at columbia. you weren't tricked. >> right. liz: the story involves donald trump, donald trump was one who stepped up after you refused offered to rent gadhafi a place in westchester. and the reason that you're feeling upset about that is because you feel that you didn't let libya solve a financial problem for you, but donald trump did? >> right. well, look, liz, at trump university this may have been the kind of deal that teachers instructed students to make but i don't believe it is kind of deal that the american people want our presidents to make. what trump did was simply wrong by taking gadhafi's blood money. let's be clear. that's what it was. this is beneath him and beneath the office of presidency. would ronald reagan have
3:54 pm
profited from soviets before he was in office? would abraham lincoln made a quick buck from the confederacy, of course not? donald trump didn't flinch. that is why i feel he is unqualified to be president. liz: amazing he got the money and gadhafi was not allowed to stay there because outcry from the town. i have to ask you, running out of time, somebody might say on the other side, foreign exist governments don't have the best human rights records have donated to clinton foundation when hillary was secretary of state. how do you counter that. >> hillary did not profit from any money that went to the foundation. we're talking about someone literally made money. in this case, $150,000 and bragged about it. liz: donald trump. >> instead the way to do it would have been say no thank you. in america we have higher ideals and standards. liz: jason got thank you letters from families of victims of pan-am flight 103 for not taking money. great to see you. good luck with the book.
3:55 pm
called "the business of good." jason haber, warburg really. >> good toe sue too. liz: closing bell, six minutes away. we're down 90. one of wall street's biggest bulls, he has been right but guess what? he is turning cold on stocks, why? you will hear it next. [announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models.
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help you too. call one reverse mortgage now and ask for your free guide. liz: two minutes before the gavel of the dnc best what, we have the bull who called the bull run in 2016 despite all the noise for non-believers. he is changing his tune, going to the sidelines. tony. what do you see? >> that is such a great shock, liz. thanks for having me. wall street is littered with guys who hit the target and move the target. i will not do that. fair value is 2175s, closed at end of last week. liz: we're close to 2175. we're at 2167. >> doesn't mean it can't go back
3:59 pm
and forth. stat got us there, vix, cbo, volatility index, anytime the vix dropped below 12 first time in three months, happened 10 times, next six weeks have volatility 20% upside in the vix. more tactical near term call. we're in front of bulk of earnings. 1/3 of s&p 500 report earnings this week. all the economic data next couple weeks. you have the fed meeting. kind of a consolidation/correction before the next leg higher. liz: what will get you back in, what signals do you need to see before you buy again? >> pickup in volatility which we've seen a little bit today. get through the economic, what you want to get through the fomc meeting. we have this fomc meeting on wednesday. has a press release, no press conference. tough to gauge exactly what they mean. that kind of volatility getting through it leads to opportunity.
4:00 pm
liz: opportunity. you know what? with the market down 80 points. our opportunity to hear from you. tony dwyer from canaccord. [closing bell rings] slam the gavel on the markets. lower by 78 points. s&p down seven. both off lows of the session. there is the closing bell. exciting hour from david and melissa, "after the bell." melissa: we've got busy, busy hour for you today. democratic convention set to kick off any minute as stocks sink further into the red. we're down 77 points. we got you covered on all the big market movers but here is what else is happening this hour. david: coming up the dnc in disarray as the democratic convention kicking off in philadelphia any minute. we'll see official call to order. now we just heard the baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake, secretary of the dnc, will be gaveling the convention n of course it was supposed to be debbie wasserman schultz but you


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